About CFR

Enterprise-grade security solutions with small firm service.

In 1998, CFR was founded on the principles of integrity, efficiency and results by three retired senior law enforcement officers.  CFR is a division of CPS Professional Services.

CPS Professional Services, LLC based in Falls Church, VA, purchased CFR in 2015 and maintains CFR as a division of their business

CFR maintains the unique capability to offer clients risk mitigation expertise from professionals who developed and honed their skills working on some of our nation's most complex and critical security issues.  We exclusively employ only former Federal and State law enforcement investigators and professionals from within the National Intelligence Community.

CFR's Cyber Security professionals maintain more than two decades of combined experience in the government and commercial information security industry.  Our Cyber Security professionals developed and cultivated their expertise while working at top tier National Security agencies before joining CFR.

Founders and Managing Principals

Thomas Cloud, Founder

James Feehery, Retired/Founder

David Richter, Founder

David Reis, Program Manager

Our professionals have retired from or were employed by:

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania Attorney's General Office

United States Postal Inspection Service

National Intelligence Agencies

Proud member of The Society of Former Special Agents

Proud member of The Society of Former Special Agents