Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Cyber Forensics - Fundamentals


  • Cyber Forensics 101 - Learn basic terminology, techniques and applications.
  • Learn how cyber forensics analysis and applications can be applied within civil and criminal cases.
  • Understand the laws governing application of cyber forensics techniques.
  • Gain a basic understanding of cyber forensics technology through real-world case studies.


This introductory-level seminar was designed to provide legal professionals with a basic understanding of cyber forensics technology, applications, techniques and the laws governing their use.  The curriculum, developed in consultation with senior legal professionals registered and practicing in Pennsylvania, is taught by CFR Cyber Security experts.  Real-world contemporary scenarios experienced by the instructors are used to enhance key learning points. 


PA: 1.00 Substantive CLE Credit


60 minutes

Cost / Registration

$125 / Please contact CFR directly

Private group and corporate seminars are available upon request.