Cyber Readiness Assessment (CRA)

CFR provides a detailed and effective Cyber Readiness Assessment (CRA) audit for companies conducting mergers or acquisitions.   The CRA gives the acquisition company valuable information on its targets cyber security status, past breaches, and existing breaches.  The information provided in our reports will give wise investors a clear picture the risks they are obtaining and investment needed to bring a target company up to Cyber Security industry standards.

The CRA service provides intelligence on an acquisition target’s current Cyber Security posture which include:

Risk to Acquiring Company- current or previous breaches

Valuation of the Acquired Company- identifies hidden costs to ensure industry compliance

Costs for Remediation and Integration- expenditures needed to remediate or integrate into the acquisition company

As part of our comprehensive assessment of an organization’s Cyber Security program, we conduct the following types of activities:

Configuration auditing

Database security assessment

Social engineering

Network vulnerability assessment

Wireless network security assessment

Penetration testing

Software code audit

Web application security assessment

Compromise assessment

Policy and procedure review

Key personnel interviews

We can help our clients ensure compliance with:

NIST 800-53 and the Cyber Security Framework

ISO 27000