Cyber Security Past Performance

CFR identifies and helps remediate vulnerabilities for a Fortune 500 financial institution

On behalf of a Fortune 500 financial institution, CFR performed penetration testing on a financial application.  The test results revealed the application was vulnerable to unauthorized users and contained malware. CFR notified the company CIRT (Computer Incident Response Team) and helped identify the source of the malware. CFR provided detailed recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities, verified the fixes were properly implemented and ensured the malware was eliminated.


CFR conducts vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of a State Government computer network

CFR conducted a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of a State Government's computer network that included both external penetration testing and penetration testing from inside the perimeter firewalls.  In addition, CFR tested web applications and physical security enhancements to improve the network's “defense-in-depth” to mitigate against a single point-of-failure.


CFR helps remediate Denial of Service (DoS) attack and successfully identifies the attacker

CFR responded to a client whose customer network was undergoing a DoS attack.  CFR deployed immediate remediation services and fully restored network operations.  In addition, CFR conducted a forensic investigation which successfully identified the attacker and acquired digital evidence that was provided to law enforcement authorities to assist with prosecution.


CFR computer forensic support helps corporate client win multi-million dollar legal settlement

CFR was retained by a corporate client to provide litigation support on a legal case involving theft of intellectual property.  CFR performed forensic analysis on the company’s servers, hardware, and data backup system.  The result of CFR's findings ultimately led to a multi-million dollar settlement in favor of the client.


CFR conducts vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for a Fortune 1000 global retailer

On behalf of a Fortune 1000 global retailer, CFR conducted vulnerability assessments and penetration testing that identified multiple weaknesses that could have resulted in unauthorized access and/or disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII).  The retailer implemented CFR’s recommended remediation measures thereby mitigating the potential financial and legal risks posed by the identified vulnerabilities.


CFR conducts vulnerability assessment for a leading public education institution

CFR conducted a comprehensive network vulnerability assessment for one of the nation’s largest online public schools.  CFR successfully identified and documented high-risk findings within the network’s operating systems and software applications and provided recommendations for critical security enhancements.


CFR identifies misuse during forensic analyses on computer hard drives

Working with retained counsel for multiple public education institutions, CFR performed computer forensic analyses on computer hard drives to identify and document specific instances of misuse.  CFR also identified broader patterns of malfeasance and provided these findings to the client for action.


CFR conducts open source risk assessment of client internet presence 

On behalf of both government and corporate clients, CFR conducted open source research to develop a risk assessment of the clients'  internet presence, to include social media presence, domain names and media highlights.  Information acquired during these searches was used by CFR to simulate the cyber attack profiles and methodologies that could pose the most significant or likely threats.