Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Elicitation (Advanced)

Elicitation:  A conversational technique used to discreetly gather information of value.


  • Learn, experiment and practice advanced elicitation techniques during in-class practical exercises.
  • Learn planning strategies to more effectively employ your elicitation skills in a variety of legal environments.
  • Understand how to recognize and deflect elicitation attempts used against you.
  • Hone your conversational skills during this advanced-level seminar.


This highly interactive seminar was designed to expose lawyers to advanced elicitation techniques and provide an environment for practice and experimentation.  The curriculum, developed in consultation with senior legal professionals registered and practicing in Pennsylvania, is taught by CFR security and intelligence professionals.  The seminar uses real-world scenarios and practical exercises to help illustrate critical learning points.


PA: 1.00 Substantive CLE Credit


60 minutes

Cost / Registration

$85 / Please contact CFR directly

Private group and corporate seminars are available upon request.