CFR collects intelligence and provides counterintelligence support to advance and protect clients' critical interests.

CFR provides due diligence, competitor analysis and security awareness to corporations, law firms, private individuals and government clients.  In an offensive capacity, CFR employs both overt and discrete intelligence collection methods in support of specific client requirements.  In a defensive capacity, CFR conducts counterintelligence operations to identify and mitigate anticipated and unanticipated threats.  CFR intelligence professionals draw on years of formal training and field experience within top tier U.S. intelligence, military and law enforcement organizations.

CFR intelligence areas of expertise:

Due Diligence

Proper due diligence remains a cornerstone of executive and legal counsel responsibility.  Due diligence helps identify potentially fraudulent situations before they occur and provides decision makers with a sufficient level of confidence to proceed or withdraw from important engagements.  CFR performs due diligence using a variety of methods, each tailored to the unique aspects of a client’s objectives, constraints and environment.

Cyber Readiness Assessment (CRA)

CFR provides a detailed and effective Cyber Readiness Assessment (CRA) audit for companies conducting mergers or acquisitions.   The CRA gives the acquisition company valuable information on its targets cyber security status, past breaches, and existing breaches.  The information provided in our reports will give wise investors a clear picture the risks they are obtaining and investment needed to bring a target company up to Cyber Security industry standards.

Competitor Analysis

CFR intelligence provides clients with a distinct advantage over competitors and potential adversaries.  Employing traditional and non-traditional collection techniques coupled with a variety of analytical methodologies, CFR identifies competitor strengths and weaknesses not readily apparent through typical market research processes.  

Security Awareness

CFR counterintelligence services protects clients’ property and people.  As the complexity of physical and cyber security threats evolve, CFR helps clients develop, refine and improve security strategies to protect intellectual property, proprietary data and corporate secrets.  CFR counterintelligence professionals work independently or in direct support of corporate security officers.  In addition, CFR conducts independent Red Team assessments to provide a raw, unvarnished review of a client's existing security posture and protocols.  Based on the results of the assessment, CFR provides security enhancement recommendations and can deliver security awareness training.

When a corporation is seeking to expand operations to unfamiliar or volatile locations around the world, CFR can provide customized threat assessments, security awareness training and develop a network of on-the-ground advisors capable of providing enhanced situational awareness tailored to the client's specific needs.  CFR intelligence professionals maintain experience working in high-risk and austere environments in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.