Intelligence Past Performance

CFR uncovers intelligence on corporate acquisition target

CFR was retained by an engineering firm to collect intelligence on a competitor who the client was preparing to purchase.  CFR conducted due diligence on the target company and discovered several questionable business practices that enabled the client to better calibrate its acquisition strategy before continuing with the process.


CFR counterintelligence strategies protect corporate intellectual property

CFR was contracted by a global pharmaceutical company to protect intellectual property and corporate proprietary data during a new product launch and major sales representative convention.  CFR applied counterintelligence strategies at seven different convention venues and across a sales force of 6,000 employees.  CFR deployed active and passive countermeasures to prevent corporate property and electronic media theft, provided counterintelligence briefings to employees, provided intelligence updates to company security officials on potential convention infiltrators and responded to 20 employee incident reports related to suspicious approaches.


CFR intelligence reveals potential investment liability

On behalf of a consortium of investors, CFR conducted due diligence on a solar energy development firm proposing development of a large solar panel field.  The investment proposal appeared both financially rewarding for the investors and environmentally friendly for the community.  However, intelligence collected by CFR revealed the development firm was not a solar panel company and had not previously conducted solar panel field projects.  Based on this information, the investors declined to invest into the project.


CFR intelligence helps mitigate the impact of vendor non-performance issues

In support of a global infrastructure company, CFR was retained by the general counsel to collect intelligence on a vendor contracted on a major water purification project in Asia who had repeatedly missed project deadlines despite substantial up-front funding.  CFR due diligence revealed the vendor had been the subject of multiple non-performance legal cases in the past and what tangible property the vendor owned was already named in judgement and lien documents.  Based on this intelligence, the general counsel was ultimately able to remove the vendor from the project without subjecting the company to breach of contract legal ramifications.


CFR intelligence supports commercial property developers

On multiple cases and for several different clients, CFR has collected intelligence for commercial property developers in support of new development projects.  CFR researches property ownership and locates property owners who the developers are unable to find.  In one case, CFR identified an out-of-state property owner bordering on tax default.  As a result of intelligence collected by CFR, the developer was able to rectify the tax issue, buy the property from the owner and successfully move ahead with the development project.