Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Interviewing Witnesses (Basic)


  • Enhance your witness interviewing and debriefing skills with this introductory-level seminar.
  • Learn the principles of effective interviewing techniques and how to employ them in a variety of common legal scenarios.
  • Understand the impact of human behavior and personal dynamics during interviews and how to identify potential pitfalls.
  • The seminar focuses on contemporary interviewing strategies with particular emphasis on content analysis rather than traditional body language observation techniques.


This is an interactive seminar ideally suited for legal professionals expected to interview, debrief or extract information from witnesses.  The curriculum, developed in consultation with senior legal professionals registered and practicing in Pennsylvania, is taught by CFR law enforcement and intelligence professionals.  The seminar uses real-world examples and first-hand instructor experiences to help illustrate critical learning points.  The seminar is a recommended refresher and/or building block for Interviewing Witnesses (Advanced). 


PA: 1.00 Substantive CLE Credit


60 minutes

Cost / Registration

$85 / Please contact CFR directly

Private group and corporate seminars are available upon request.