CFR conducts security training courses for commercial and government clients, as well as Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars for law firms and legal professionals. 

Security training courses include:

Cyber Security Training

  • Current Threats and Trends
  • Application Security Training
  • Boundary Defense
  • Data Protection
  • Penetration Methodology
  • Law Enforcement Training

Cyber Forensics

  • Evidence location and identification
  • Forensic case management
  • Advanced tools and technology
  • Live demonstrations and hand-on training

Counterintelligence & Security

  • Foreign Counterintelligence Presentations
  • Corporate Espionage Presentations
  • Terrorism Presentations
  • Basic and Advanced Interviewing Techniques

Our CLE courses were specifically designed to provide legal professionals with unique capabilities and skills.  

Please review our current offerings and contact us for details about upcoming seminars and registration.